Creamy – Almond Butter


  • Roasted almond ground smooth
  • Pure: 100% roasted almond. No added oil, salt & sugar
  • Skinny: Roasted almond with low sugar & low salt. Zero added oil.
  • 200g


Natural & Home Made

All natural & home made almond from roasted almond and ground smooth.

Since it is naturally processed, our almond butter is free from trans fat.

Suitable for those who wants to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fat in their daily intake.

Pure Version: No Added Sugar, Salt &  Oil

Ingredients: 100% Roasted almond

Each jar contains only 10g  of unrefined sugar (molasses), 0.5 g of salt & no added oil making it a healthier alternative compared to store bought one.

Keep in cool & dry place.

Oil separation from nut butter is a natural process. Since we do not use any preservative or stabilizer in our nut butter, the oil will appear on top of the jar over time. If this occur, just stir it with the butter.

Additional information

Weight 350 g

Pure, Skinny


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