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MY Paris Kitchen

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

I’m Helyanti and I will be travelling to Paris, London & Muscat on 4-29 October 2019. I studied BE (Telecommunication Engineering) in The University of Sydney, Australia and has worked as an engineer for 9 years. Then I left work to pursue an MBA degree in which I have obtained in November 2018.  I own Raaiq Booth, which creates fun & excitement in an event through photo booth services. is a new website which I have created to record my travel journey and experience being as a Muslim traveller,  hoping that it would able to help others who are travelling as well. 

I am currently on my weight loss journey by living a healthy & active lifestyle. Hence, I meal prep and cook most of my meals. Since I will be prepping my meal throughout my stay in Paris, cooking extra portions for a few more fellow Malaysians would just be an easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Some of you might be undergoing a long term assignment here and you just miss Malaysian & home cooked meal. Finding halal food might be difficult during lunch time when you are too busy at work. When you have arrived home after a hectic day at work, your stomach starts growling and you are 1-hour away from starting to finishing off cooking your dinner. Save your time by ordering a home-cooked halal Malaysian meal, delivered to you right at your office. 

Nasi Tomato with Ayam Masak Merah


Basmathi rice cooked with tomato puree and served with ayam masak merah and acar. 

Price: € 8  (1 piece of chicken), € 10  (2 pieces of chicken), 

Biryani Muar

Chicken biryani marinated with biryani spice originated from Muar, Johor and served with Biryani basmathi rice, garnished with carrot and cucumber salad (acar). This is a specialty dish by my family. 

Price: € 9  (Biryani with 1 piece of chicken), € 11  (Biryani with 2 piece of chicken), 

Nasi Lemak

Aromatic coconut rice served with sambal, roasted peanut & anchovies, cucumber and one whole egg. 

Price: € 6  (Nasi lemak biasa), € 8  (Nasi lemak with 1 piece of fried chicken),  € 10 (Nasi lemak with 2 pieces of fried chicken)

Nasi Ayam Bulgogi

Chicken rice served with pan-grilled chicken marinated with home-made bulgogi sauce, accompanied with chicken soup, chilli sauce made of red chilli, ginger and garlic and the bulgogi sauce. Garnished with tomato, cucumber and lettuce.

Price€ 8 (1 piece of chicken),  € 10 (2 pieces of chicken)

How Does It Work

For 3rd week of October, I will only cook on 14th Oct (Monday) as I will be travelling to UK from 17 Oct. I will come back to Paris on 23rd Oct.  For menu of the day, latest order need to be placed latest by 10 am. We advise that pre-order is made one day earlier for easier restocking of supply and communication. As this is a home cooked meal, I will try to accommodate up to 8 meals order per day. The delivery will be made to Technip office during the agreed pickup time line, tentatively around 6PM. Click the button below to join the WhatsApp group for order & delivery or you can click the “Pre-order Now” for direct WhatsApp order.


The menu for the upcoming week will be published by Saturday and would only be available for the selected day subject to resource availability.