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Travel Packing List for Muslim Traveller

suitcase with traveler accessories

Preparing for travel can be overwhelming. Having a checklist of item to be packed for your travel will help you to better organize your stuffs. It also prevents you from being in despair when arriving at the other country just to find out that that you had forgotten and left some thing at home. This is our comprehensive travel check list but bring only necessary items for your travel.

Documents [1]

Tickets (Flight, Bus, Train, Attractions)
Booking Confirmation (Accommodation, Car Rental)
International Driving License (if planning to drive)
Travel Insurance
Health Insurance
Passport Photo [2]

Travelling By Flight

Online Check In[3]
Boarding Pass

Border Crossing By Car [4]

Vehicle Grant
Car Insurance for the Destination Country
Authorization Letter from Vehicle Owner (if you are not the vehicle owner)
Driving License
Form for vehicle import
Immigration Form

Clothing [5]

Socks [6]
Hand Socks [6]
Footwear (Sports Shoes, Sandal, Flip Flop, Sneaker etc)
Inner for Hijab
Brooches & Pins
Sun glasses

General Activities

Walking: Comfortable walking shoes
 Water activities: Swimwear, Swimming Goggle

Toiletries [7]

Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Dental Floss
Shower Gel/Soap
Shampoo & Conditioner
Nail clip, Tweezer
Cotton Bud
Tissues (wet & dry)
Skincare: Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Serum, Moisturizer, Mask, Sun Cream
Cosmetics: Primer, Foundation, Lip Balm, Lipstick/Matte, Lip Gloss, Blusher, Brush, Highlighter, Bronzer, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner etc
Glasses, Contact Lens & Solution
Clay Soap/Powder for Samak/Sertu
Female Hygiene Products
Washing Soap/Powder/Brush

Electronic & Appliances

Camera (DSLR, Action, Drone): Body, Lens, Batteries, Charger, SD Card, USB Cable, Camera Bag
Monopod, Tripod
Mobile Phone: Charger, USB Cable & Power Bank
Internet Plan [8]
SIM card Adaptor & Pin (if you choose to buy new SIM Card)
Travel Adaptor[9]
Extension Socket
Watch/Smart Watch/Fitness Tracker, Charger
Travel Iron
Laptop [10]

Health [12]

Medicine for the common illness like fever, cold, and sore throat
Surgical/N95 Mask [13]
Hand Sanitizer [13]
Prescribed medication
Ointment etc

Travel Aids

Travel Itinerary [14]
Suitcase, Backpack
Luggage Lock
Luggage Scale
Pen & Paper

Essential Apps​

Map: Google Map or Offline Map such as MAPS.ME
Language Guide/Google Translate
Currency Converter: XE Currency Converter
Note-taking: Microsoft One Note

For China:
Baidu Map


Essential Item for Muslim Travellers

Travel Praying Mat with Compass & Qiblah Guide
Prayer App: Islamic Finder, Muslim Pro
Spray Bottle for Taking Ablution
Foldable Water Bag/Bottle for Toilet Usage

Food Supplies [15]

Water Bottle/Bag
Protein Powder, Bar [16]
Food Container
Fork & Spoon
Fruit Knife [17]


[1] Document:

Keep both printed and soft copy. In case if the document is lost, you’ll have another copy. I had experienced phone theft during my 1 month travel in Paris. It would have been harder, if I didn’t bring the hard copies.

[2] Passport Photo:

Some countries like France would require passport photo for travel card holder for weekly or monthly pass.

[3] Online Check-In:

Go for online check in a few days before departure to avoid long queue at the airport. Usually there is a special lane for luggage drop for those who already did the online check in. Normally there is a short queue or no queue for the luggage drop lane. This  would save you around 1-1.5 hour of my time and energy from standing in long queue to check

[4] Border Crossing by Car:

This is applicable when crossing border by car to the neighbouring country. We travel to the Southern part of Thailand annually and these are the requirement documents. For Europe this can be skipped.

[5] Clothing:

Dress according to the season and types of activities that you’ll be having.  Personally if I’m travelling for a week, I usually pack only 3-4 days worth of clothing then I will wash them.

[6] Socks & Hand Socks:

This is a mandatory item for a Muslimah.  It enables me to cover the aurah perfectly for feet and arm-until-wrist area. It is very helpful during prayers as normally I didn’t bring telekung when travelling.


[7] Toiletries:

  • Make sure you do not bring more than 100ml of liquid for carry in.
  • Store travel size toiletries & cosmetics in a dedicated pouch/bag. Therefore whenever there’s last minute travel, you are always ready to go.
  • Some item like towel, shower gel, shampoo tooth brush etc can be skipped if provided by the accommodation provider. However, I am more comfortable using my own products.

[8] Internet Plan:

You have 4 options when travelling:

  1. Roaming
  2. Buy SIM Card at destination country
  3. Free Wifi
  4. Go offline

Check out our blog for more details.

[9] Travel Adaptor: 

Check this link to view plug type for the country you will be visiting.

[10] Laptop: 

I would only bring this for long term travel and if I need to do work during the travel.

[11] Health: 

Most of the time, when travelling to other country, the weather might be slight different from our home country.  Hence, there’is tendency to get sick when travelling due to the weather changes.

[12] Mask & Hand Sanitizer : 

  • Wear mask if you are having fever or cold symptoms.
  • The recent Novel Coronavirus outbreak has spread globally due to contact among infected travellers. Hence, always wash your hand with hand sanitizer whenever you are in public.
  • I wore mask during sleep time because because my nose gets stuffy in cold weather or air conditioner. Wearing mask will retain the heat  and help reducing the stuffy nose.

[13] Travel Itinerary

My vacation is usually a spontaneous adventures. I usually have a list of places I want to visit but will decide the order based on the situation. 

For countries like China, I had to do extended research due to internet and language barrier, I would prepare a thorough travel itinerary

[15] Food Supplies

  • I love exploring local dish and buying local ingredients. Hence, I normally didn’t bring any food supplies except if I’m travelling to country in which it will be hard to find halal food upon my arrival.
  • Always check if there’s any restriction on food supplies that you’ll bring before travel as each country has their own regulation.  For example plants, fruits and dairy products are no allowed into Australia.
  • If you are travelling with baby & toddler, pack extra food supplies (baby formula etc) in case of long flight delays.

[16] Protein Powder/Bar

During travel, I tend to walk more than 20,000 steps (~13 km) within a day. Therefore, if my trip is more than a week long which involves a lot of walking, I would bring protein powder/bar to help with muscle recovery. It is also to compensate for insufficient intake of halal meat during the day. 

[17] Fruit Knife

  • Put in the check-in luggage
  • I love buying local fruits. However in country like China, entering subway station would require a luggage scan. On my return journey to airport, I carried the fruit knives in my luggage and I was stopped by the officer at the subway station. They asked if I carrying a knive (dāo)? The queue at my back was so long and I didn’t want to unpack my luggage in front of the crowd. Therefore, I pretended not to understand Mandarin and they let me go.


Only bring essential things which is unique/personal to you, difficult to find in the country you’ll be visiting or more expensive. Many of items in the list can also be bought in the country that you will be visiting.  I had a friend who went for a long term work assignment overseas and brought a dozen of egg in his luggage. Don’t do this guys! 

If you are travelling in a group, assign each person an items that they have to bring so every one can share (for example iron, compass, praying mat, extension wire, travel adaptor, etc) so you save up your weight quota. 

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